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Advancing Women is Rewarding Work at Kellanova Asia

At Kellanova Asia, we mean business about keeping our Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I) commitment to foster an inclusive and diverse work environment, where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. Embracing gender balance is at the heart of that commitment. In fact, it’s a key part of our Better Days™ Promise to create better days for 4 billion people by the end of 2030. 

That’s why our Women of Kellanova (WOK) Asia group rolled up their sleeves to implement a series of initiatives to ensure that everyone, regardless of gender, has a seat at the table where their voices are heard. 

The results: A record-high overall female representation rate of by the end of 2022 and receipt of two prestigious awards! (More on that below). 

Here’s how WOK did it: 

  • Coffee Chats opened the lines of communication by focusing on gender diversity at Kellanova and creating an inclusive and welcoming environment. The chats gave women an invaluable opportunity to connect with senior leaders, who acted as hosts, and to foster networks throughout the region. Women shared their challenges, which promoted a culture of continuous improvement. 
  • The K Men as Allies Programme added the male perspective. For the first time in the Kellanova Asia region, the WOK committee included two male representatives to ensure that the voices of most of our colleagues are heard on this important initiative. This programme empowers male colleagues to take meaningful actions in building an inclusive workplace culture.  
  • The Bloom Programme helps early and mid-career women employees to enhance self-awareness, strengthen leadership presence and cultivate a positive outlook for career development at Kellanova.  
  • Leading Inclusively and Minus the Bias training in the Middle East/North Africa/Turkey (MENAT) region equipped leaders with the tools and knowledge needed to promote an inclusive and diverse culture and address biases within the region.  

These WOK initiatives successfully fostered allyship, communication and women’s career development throughout Kellanova Asia. 


 Winning Results for Women 

As Kellogg Company, Kellanova Asia’s predecessor, they achieved a significant milestone in December 2022 by reaching a record-high female representation rate of 42.6% - up 4% from the prior year! This remarkable achievement resulted from targeted and innovative strategies used by Human Resources to hire more women than men—even using an AI-based recruitment tool that aids in scouting the market for diverse profiles! 

We’re proud that our accomplishments were acknowledged through two awards.  

  • Kellogg Company, Kellanova Asia’s predecessor, received the Outstanding Achievement for Gender Inclusion Award (MNC) at the AmCham Singapore HERo Awards 2022. 
  • Singapore, India, and Australia received the 2022 Global Inclusion Index award by Seramount, an organization dedicated to supporting and advancing women in the workplace. This prestigious recognition assesses global corporate efforts in hiring and promoting women, ability to measure other under-represented groups on a country-specific basis, commitment to creating inclusive cultures, and holding country leaders and managers accountable for results. 

These external recognitions validate our unwavering commitment to gender inclusion and the positive impact of our efforts in creating a diverse and inclusive organization. 

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