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Paint that purifies! How a new mural in Mexico breaks down air pollutants

Some artists believe the world is a canvas.  

Our team in Mexico agrees – and their newest piece of art support Kellanova’s Better Days™ Promise to nurture our planet!  

The team recently unveiled an ECOmural that features the Kellogg brand’s iconic characters on the grain silos at our manufacturing facility in Queretaro.   

But this is not just any mural.   

In addition to featuring iconic characters, the mural was created using Photocatalytic paint.  

It has an active mineral coating that helps break down air pollutants and contribute to the decomposition of atmospheric air pollutants, such as nitrogen oxides, greenhouse gases and superficial contaminations.  

How does it work?  

Photocatalytic paint, which can last up to eight years, contains titanium dioxide that combats pollutants from cars like sulfur, carbon monoxide and other volatile compounds. 

When those pollutants come into contact with the painted surface, a chemical reaction – with help from the sun – breaks down the pollutants into smaller molecules and makes them solid. Thus, they fall to the ground and are no longer breathable.

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