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Coming soon to your grain-based bars: more Vitamin D!

Let’s talk Vitamin D.  

Its roles in the body are numerous, yet Vitamin D is not naturally found in most foods.   


Our bodies use it to produce Vitamin D, yes. But it’s still not enough. In fact, 90% of Americans do not meet daily intake requirements for this important micronutrient.

In early 2023, the FDA announced grain-based bars may now fortified with Vitamin D, helping bridge this gap through food.  

This is great news for our grain-based bars, which can now be fortified to 10% daily value (they were previously prohibited from Vitamin D fortification at all).  

Fatty fish, egg yolks, and certain mushrooms are the core food sources of Vitamin D, but not everyone enjoys them, can afford them, or even has access to them. Therefore, we are finding ways to add Vitamin D to our foods, through both ingredients and fortification. 

Increasing nutrients of need is part of Kellanova’s Better Days™ Promise to advance sustainable and equitable access to food, creating better days for 4 billion people by the end of 2030, including nourishing 1.5 billion people with our foods. 

We’re confident that this updated regulation will contribute positively to public health.  

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