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Bringing the Panaderia to the cereal bowl 

Kellanova believes in honoring and celebrating heritage, customs and traditions across the globe. Belief in focusing on the  the food experience is at the center of our Better Days™ Promise wellbeing approach. We’re passionate about being culturally relevant and meeting consumers and customers where they are, wherever that might be. That’s how we help people feel not just fed but fulfilled.  

Our teams take a lot of inspiration from their surroundings as they develop the latest innovations to our portfolio—and local flavors, traditions or dishes are at the top of the list.  

For example: in Latin America, like in most places around the world, the bakery—la panadería—is a special place. Home to tastes and smells that almost immediately comfort and delight, how could it not be the perfect source of inspiration for a new range of delicious cereals?  

Kellogg’s Churros, launched in Mexico and Colombia, celebrates the rich, artisanal baking heritage of Latin America. These delicious fried dough pastries are served plain or coated with sugar or a cinnamon-sugar mix, they’re typically eaten at breakfast dipped in hot chocolate or coffee. Yum!  We think they’re a great way for you to learn about the delicious classic bakery flavors that millions across the region enjoy every day! 

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