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Bringing Favorite Foods to People Around the World

When you see an interesting new food, or your favorite food in a new flavor, and you think, “Wow, that’s a great idea,” do you wonder who brought the idea to life? 

Kellaova strives to meet the demands of diverse consumers, in part by being inclusive in our own workforce through our Better Days™ Promise strategy, ensuring everyone has a seat at the table. We are passionabout about sharing innovative foods around the world. How? Incredible people, world-class teamwork, and a deep understanding of what people want are a few of the essential ingredients to successful innovations. We want to appreciate a few of the great people who help bring those tasty ideas to life. So, please meet David, Leanna, Renu, and Ricardo. 

David Henningham, Lead Food Designer

David Henningham, Lead Food Designer 

Kellanova Europe 

Inspiration for new foods can come from literally anywhere, obviously, grocery store shelves and research are useful, but so is just walking down the street. It’s exciting to see a concept that we’ve sketched on paper, like Krave Cookies & Cream, make its way to store shelves and quickly become loved by consumers. In fact, it has proven so popular that we plan to make it a permanent flavor. 

I’d suggest anyone interested in this type of work go for it. Talk to lots of people and don’t be afraid to ask questions. The learning never ends, so enjoy the journey. Even after all these years, I still smile when my wife sees a new food and asks me if I helped bring it to market! 

Leanne Lurie, Brand Manager Cheese It Crackers

Leanne Lurie, Brand Manager, Cheez-It® & Crackers 

Kellanova Canada 

I’ve always wanted to introduce new foods people enjoy; it’s the reason I got into marketing. My team introduced Cheez-It Snap’d crackers and Canadian consumers are eating it up. This salty snack brings the crispiness of a chip in new flavors and first-of-its-kind bag packaging that keeps every cracker fresh and tasty. 

It’s incredibly fulfilling to walk down an aisle in the supermarket and see foods we created and introduced on the shelves. Knowing we are delighting consumers is the best part of my job. 

Rena Dhaka, Senior Brand Manager

Renu Dhaka, Senior Brand Manager, Kid’s Portfolio 

Kellanova Asia, Middle East, Africa 

Introducing Kellogg’s Froot Loops to the India market was an example of how Kellanova embraces the power of big ideas. We knew the brand would be a hit with kids who want to have fun in everything they do and also with moms who try to ensure that their kids have a nutritious breakfast without compromising on taste. And we were right. The food exceeded our first-year expectations by 100%! Kellanova empowers us to come up with new ideas and breakthrough innovations, which is why I take great pride in working here. 

Our culture drives the courage and passion I bring to building brands, with the trust and heritage of a 100-plus-year-old company. Our team is so excited about building this global brand.  

Ricardo Faria, Senior Research and Development Manager

Ricardo Faria, Senior Research & Development Manager, Snacks 

Kellanova Latin America 

In college, I studied chemical engineering but quickly learned that working in a consumer goods company – and not in the chemical industry - is much more my passion. If you work for a food company, it’s exciting to see foods we’ve developed on store shelves and being enjoyed by people worldwide. Kellanova is exceptional at creating global brands by leveraging what is successful in one region and launching it in another. Take the recent introduction of Cheez-It Original and Snap’d snacks in Latin America. This #1 U.S. snack is a big bet for Kellanova’s growth in Brazil and Mexico, where people are starting to snack more, and cheese is their favorite snack flavor. 

Before joining Kellanova, I worked for 20 years at the same company. To anyone considering making a change, I say “Do it.” You’ll be surprised how you can continue to learn and grow in another setting with different people. There is always an opportunity for new beginnings.

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